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Why is lotro so slow

Why is lotro so slow

Name: Why is lotro so slow

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17 Apr The turrent(can't remember it's correct name) Lotro uses & Ddo is a downloader that is very slow on downloading. In no way does it represent. 18 Jul So, it has been nearly one hour since I started the latest update and it is still going on, downloading files one by one at less than kb/s!. 20 Dec Why is it that this game is the only one to take so much time to load a simple location? Is it because the servers elastic bands are wearing out?.

18 May 3- The patch mechanism is inherently slow - the data is dowloaded, which So, yes, the patching process is incredibly slow and cumbersome. 19 Sep Altough this seens to be a generic lotro it isn't. The problem is very "basic", the gaming is running very slow (about 10~15 fps in the very low. 3 Jan Extremely Slow Load Times. I've several toons on Winfola 2 65s hunter warden, a 45 burg, a 37 cappy and a 28 RK. My load times after I select.

22 Jul I was wondering if this 'Update Game Data' part of the process was because of bad internet or if its just redonkulously slow? Its kind of a turn off. 5 Jul So here's the situation. I start crafting ingots of Khazad iron, and I realize this is going to take a while. But I had no idea how long it would. 10 Feb Very slow download via Pando - Make sure you uninstall this component when you are done. Otherwise you may be seeding Lotro for a very. 24 Apr Extremely Slow Download. So I haven't played LotRO in a very long time, but with this free week I wanted to give it another shot. I received an. 22 Jul Yes, last couple weeks it has been very slow. Loading splash screens used to take just few seconds total but now it takes couple of seconds per.

2 Aug Extremly slow start up of game on decent PC. Hello, Really can't figure out what makes it load so slowly.:/ been in moors too long. 2 May The download from Steam or is roughly 2 years out of date -- There have been two It is extremely slow and cumbersome. Hey everyone, i picked up LOTRO like a year ago and one thing that always So , you may have a multi-cored rig, but it won't do you any good. what provider Turbine uses for delivering LOTRO patches, but it's slow as hell. 3 May figure out ways to deal with sluggish framerates and lengthy loading screens, Hailing from Argentina, José is the creator of two popular LotRO utilities: So if you're looking to boost LotRO's performance, it's worth giving.

13 Mar This process can slow down your connection and thus cause lag; especially 6) Ensure your firewall has added to the exception list. Movement feels sluggish owing to a momentum system, the UI is very rarely clear and easy to read (Finding quests on the map is a pain in the. I was going to try lotro now because its f2p. So far I've downloaded a total of 44gigs worth of crap and I still don't have the game downloaded. 15 Aug It's Forum and launcher is running extremely slowly at the moment. I was on earlier and all was fine but now the forum is taking at least 5mins.


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